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414 Music Live recap: Hayward Williams

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Two Thursdays ago, 414 Music Live featured local talent Hayward Williams. Williams is an exceptionally gifted guitarist, singer, and songwriter who brought his stunning and sensitive solo act to 88Nine’s studio.

There’s something so special about listening to an intimate, one-man acoustic show. Hayward Williams graced the stage accompanied by only his guitar and his glassy, baritone voice. As Williams began to play, one of the most striking aspects that I drew from his live performance was the bluesy, deep-hued undertone of his music. Calling on a warm sense of darkness, his confessional compositions begged to be cut in a room lit only by a fireplace at dusk. Alongside gorgeous guitar swells, Williams masterfully allowed space for each lyric to breathe and resonate with the listener, giving many of the songs an almost anthemic quality. It’s hard to slap a label on the type of music Hayward Williams creates; some of his songs were driven by the rural vibe of a Western folk ballad, while others featured the moody, minor-key crooning of a blues track. Intriguing and electrifying, Hayward Williams’ show was much more than just ear candy, it was a listening experience that connected the audience. Check out Hayward's music here.