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414 Music Live Review: Light Music

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With the increasing popularity of “genre-bending” as a musical practice, the once-stark lines that separated categories of music are being blurred. We’ve all heard our fair share of folk-rock, alt-funk, and pop-punk pairings, but few musicians are brave enough to experiment with the unexpected blend of electronic and rock and roll. However, Milwaukee band Light Music operates in the electro-rock territory and executes flawlessly. On July 17th, Light Music performed for 414 Music Live and demonstrated to us how familiar rock language can be embellished and enhanced by electronic tools. “I call us electronic rock,” said lead vocalist Brendan Benham, “and if people press me further I just say we’re a rock band with a bunch of synths.” Each song they played was an ornate, pressure-building melodic journey; saturating the intensity of rock and roll with synths and other intricate sound-play. “I love playing with tones, it’s like painting,” Benham told us of his music-making. The multi-talented group combined everything from brass to bass into their opuses, creating what was a wonderfully untraditional listening experience. Learn more about Light Music on Facebook and keep an eye out for their upcoming album, Ocean's Daughter.