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414 Music Live welcomes Light Music

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Two years ago in Milwaukee, electronic rock band Light Music was born. Consisting of members Brendan Benham, Shae Lappen, Dan Mena, and Ed Zuehlke, the group has many perspectives to offer the electronic music scene. Light Music draws its influences from psychedelic-pop, euro-house, and more, to piece together thoroughly intelligent rock creations. They describe their sound as “underscored with poly-rhythmic beats, fierce guitars, and spacious synthesizers; each song effervescing to a unique destination.” Needless to say, it’s going to be a party in the 88Nine studio this Thursday. The show is open to the public at 5 PM for the 5:30 PM show. Join us at 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave to support this awesome local band and enjoy refreshments from Stone Creek Coffee.