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Review: On the rooftop with Kid Millions & the Sounds of Time

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The summer vibes were strong at last Thursday's 414 Music Live on the 88Nine rooftop. Our featured guest was Kid Millions and the Sounds of Time, a crew consisting of local rapper Kid Millions, DJ Deadbeat, and Sage Schwarm. The three gentlemen drew a substantial crowd and, with a godsend of sunny weather, made the rooftop gig a blast. Kid Millions delivered a fun, high-energy set of unique and effortlessly cool hip-hop. Songs "Victim to the Beat" and "Shake the Ground" featured clever lyrics and seamless musicality, but "In the Graveyard" was the big hit of the session. With a thick synth rhythm and a sprinkling of beguilingly haunting vocals, the tune sounded stunning as it blasted in the rooftop studio and prompted enthusiastic hollering from the audience. In between songs, the group talked about their love for vinyl records and record stores in general, then surprised the crowd by giving away free vinyl copies of Kid Millions' record Recession Proof Rap. These guys, I thought, are just so cool. I went from knowing close to nothing about the local hip-hop scene to being altogether intrigued and impressed. If you couldn't make the show, I would highly recommend keeping Kid Millions and the Sounds of Time on your radar. Remember, 414 Music Live is every Thursday and open to the public!