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The Atomic Spins

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  • Photo Credit: Vanesa Parker

Radio Milwaukee welcomed The Atomic Spins to a 414 Session on this first day of spring, which I may add the odds were in our favor. Ladies and Gentleman the Atomic Spins starring Jeffery Miller, Jason Dove, Aaron Fasting and Stephen DeLassus is that caffeine high you needed this afternoon. They bought an electrifying rock and roll vibe into the studio. A bit of history never hurts the present and what better day to be on live then on their anniversary week. What adventures are these four charismatic dudes up to? (Besides rocking your afternoon) Good thing you ask, they will be performing THIS weekend at the Equinox Music Festival at Lineman’s in Riverwest. Be sure to check your Facebook events and mark your calendars this is a show you do not want to miss. [flickr-photoset:id=72157642656559615,size=m]