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5 O'Clock Shadow 7-22-13: My Way

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We’re giving away tickets to go see Cinematic Titanic on Mondays leading up to their two shows on September 20th and September 21st. Cinematic Titanic is from the minds of Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my favorite cult tv shows. You can find out more about CT and get tickets and info here. They’ll be hanging it up after this run, so it’ll be a pretty good time, I’d imagine.

To coicide with it, we're using soundtracks featuring covers. We were all set to jump into "Sucker Punch" but the Royal Baby (odd to capitalize it, but sure) changed it. We thought the Sex Pistols, no stranger to addressing the Monarchy, would be the perfect compliment to the moment. "The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle" is pretty decent mockumentary about their fame and short-lived tenure. 

Sid Vicious snarls and tramples through Sinatra's classic "My Way" in a way that makes you question imitation being the most sincere form of flattery. Nonetheless, back to back, it's one of my favorite contrasting cover sets.