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5 O'Clock Shadow | Cream/Spanky Wilson

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A song that begs you to roll down your windows and breathe in that summer air, “Sunshine of Your Love” was the song that put Cream on the map. Written by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Pete Brown, it became one of Cream’s biggest hits. Released in 1968, the song captures the era it was created in; it’s an anthem of the 60’s. Inspired by a Jimi Hendrix concert, Jack Bruce’s thick bass line carries the song. Funny enough, Hendrix played an instrumental cover of the song a few years later. Monday’s 5 O’Clock Shadow gave us a Spanky Wilson cover of “Sunshine of Your Love”. Spanky Wilson speeds up that bass line, adds a trumpet and enhances the overall level of soul. Both versions make for great summertime tunes.