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DJ Shadow's Organ Donor receives a funky drum break

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The legendary DJ Shadow is in Milwaukee this Friday, so all this week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are exploring his music.

Shadow has been dubbed by many as the "king of digging".  He is known to create rich and lush musical landscapes with his use of a variety of sample sources.  Check out this segment from the 2002 film SCRATCH.



Shadow's Mo' Wax Records debut "Entroducing..." featured a song that is still a big hit for him today; ORGAN DONOR.



Still a big tune, this song's drum source became evident to me, on Shadow's collaboartion with Cut Chemist.  In 1999, the dynamic duo created a 45' project called BRAINFREEZE.  That album featured a song by Tim and Bill called "Someone".  Check out these drums...




DJ SHADOW will be in Milwaukee this Friday night at Turner Hall Ballroom for the 8th Annual MILTOWN BEAT DOWN.  Ticket and info can be found here.