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Midnight In A Perfect Sample

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Few music lovers will deny the influence of DJ Shadow's debut album "Endtroducing..." The 1996 Mo' Wax release features some of DJ Shadow's greatest works.  The album still makes top lists for DJs and Producers worldwide. Endtroducing..... received universal acclaim from critics, who praised Shadow's approach to sampling and the beats he managed to create out of sampled elements. It ranked highly on various year-end lists of the best albums of 1996. Endtroducing..... is considered to be a landmark album in the instrumental hip hop movement, with Shadow's innovative sampling techniques and arrangements influencing countless other producers to create similar sample-based works. ​

 As we continue our exploration of DJ Shadow's music, we go back to this album again today for the track "Midnight In A Perfect World."



While there are some great samples from Merideth Monk and David Axelrod on this song, I wanted to highlight the first sample on this track.  Shadow is no strager to great rappers, and he sampled to of my personal favorites on this song.  Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch are (were) Organized Konfusion.  In 1991, their self titled debut featured the track "Releasing Hypnotical Gases".  Check the sample at 1:59.



DJ Shadow will be at Turner Hall Ballroom this Friday, May 3rd 2013.