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Mr. Brown the Clown

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(Attention NOFX fans.  This article has nothing to do with Fat Mike or Cokie the Clown.  Rock on!)

This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are thinking of good ideas for Halloween costumes.  I had a moment of inspiration while listening to Bob Marley.  His song "Mr. Brown", is based on a rumour that was spreading through Jamaica that a duppy, or ghost, had been spotted in numerous locations speeding through the land on a three-wheeled coffin, perched upon which were three John Crows, or buzzards, one of which could talk and was asking for a Mr. Brown. 

This track was produced by the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry.  Producer and MC Ryu of Styles Of Beyond sampled this track year's later on the 2003 album MEGADEF for their song "Mr Brown".