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A Sample of Halloween Costumes

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This week's theme on the Seven O'Clock Sample, is HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.  We are exploring a few artists, song titles and albums that hopefully will inspire the trick-or-treater in all of us.  Last October, Dori and I went as Daft Punk for Halloween...


Today we listened to the song "ROBOT ROCK", from the Daft Punk album HUMAN AFTER ALL.

If you just don't have the time or desire to make a Daft Punk mask, perhaps going as the band Breakwater might be in your budget.  Seems like a simple enough costume.  1 silver jump suit, 1 pair of yellow boots and 1 (optional) afro wig.

The song "Release The Beast" was not only the sample for Daft Punk's "Robot Rock", but it also gives me a few costume ideas...