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So.. How's Your Scratching?

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All this week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are exploring the music of DJ Shadow.

Shadow is in Milwaukee this Friday night, at Turner Hall Ballroom for the 2013 Miltown Beat Down Battle.  His last visti to Milwaukee was on his Shadowsphere tour.  He recently was the center of a DJ controversy when he was kicked of the decks in a Miami nightclub.  That move sparked a lot of talk here at Radio Milwaukee, and we were excited to know Shadow was coming back to MKE, on the All Bases Covered Tour.  

His DJ skills are world reknowned, and his no joke on the cuts!  Dj Shadow keeps good company and has collaborated with some of the best int he business.  It's evident from his projects with Cut Chemist, to his jams with the Invisbl Skratch Piklz



So we thought today we'd explore a song that features DJ Shadow, rather than one that was on of of his albums.  In 1999, Dan the Automator and Prince Paul created the Handsome Boy Modeling School.  This project brought a lot of talented artists together, and the song HOLY CALAMITY ( BEAR WITNESS II) features DJ Quest and was produced by Shadow.



Funky funky drums in that track and one of the drum breaks comes from the song "The Dump" by the Soul Vibrations.



More info on DJ Shadow in Milwaukee can be found at www.pabsttheater.org/show/miltownbeatdown2013