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Cultural Commons hosts a series of events throughout the year — all designed to develop cross-cultural relationships and partnerships, facilitate dialogue across diverse perspectives and create bridges across race, age, gender, culture, abilities and sexual orientation. The goal is to provide the foundation for the creation of an inclusive and culturally diverse Milwaukee.

The initiative is supported by the Cultural Commons Steering Committee — a diverse group of Milwaukee leaders committed to deepening relationships and strengthening their commitment to the goals of the Cultural Commons. The Steering Committee works collaboratively to design events and activities that translate insights gained to a larger audience.

P3 Development Group, a local consulting firm specializing in equity and inclusion, is chairing and facilitating Cultural Commons 2.0. P3 is responsible for the management and evaluation of the initiative.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Bringing diverse audiences together to foster greater understanding and empathy

As our mission statement says, “88Nine Radio Milwaukee serves as a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged city through music, stories and events created for a culturally open-minded community.”

Cultural Commons is a key to making this a reality.

— Glenn Kleiman
Executive Director, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Current Steering Committee Members

  • Joaquin Altoro, Town Bank
  • Tina Balistreri, Social X & Hartley & Percora LLC
  • Camille Davis, Zilber Family Foundation
  • Danae Davis, Milwaukee Succeeds
  • Genyne Edwards, P3 Development Group
  • Katie Heil, Greater Together & Heil Family Foundation
  • Ashley Hines, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Michael Hostad, MiKE Innovation in Milwaukee & Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Nate Imig, Radio Milwaukee
  • Francesca Kempfer, Radio Milwaukee
  • Glenn Kleiman, Radio Milwaukee
  • Jordan Lee, Radio Milwaukee
  • Megan McGee, Ex Fabula
  • Maddy Riordan, Radio Milwaukee
  • Dominique Samari, P3 Development Group
  • May yer Thao, Hmong Chamber of Commerce

Steering Committee Engagement Meetings

The Cultural Commons Steering Committee meets quarterly to strengthen relationships, through meaningful discussions centered on diversity and inclusion and design and plan the Insight Events that are at the core of Cultural Commons engagement strategy. The meeting includes relationship-building activities that form trust and understanding between steering committee members, and encourages the recognition of each member’s strengths and perspectives.

Insight Events

Insight Events are curated to create discussion platforms for diverse groups from all backgrounds to engage in conversations that reveal the challenges and opportunities for building a culturally diverse and inclusive Milwaukee.

2017 Events

  • Music and Identity — May 3
    An exploration of how music helps us form — and express — our identity.
  • Band Together — September 30
    A live music event at Radio Milwaukee featuring diverse music for a diverse city.
  • Check the Rhyme: Connecting Generations Through Hip Hop — November 17 and November 18
  • The Blood Is At The Doorstep Movie Screening and Talk Back — November 28
    A movie screening event at Radio Milwaukee with a talk back regarding mental health and police relations in Milwaukee and beyond.

2016 Events

Cultural Commons Funders

heil family foundation

Nast Family Foundation