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Originally from Atlanta, but live all over the country, Tarik Moody graduated in 1996 from Howard University’s School Of Architecture in Washington DC. He practiced architecture in Detroit, and Minneapolis.
While working full-time in the architecture industry in Minneapolis, he became involve in volunteering for a local community radio station called KFAI. Eventually he hooked up with DJ Jennifer at KFAI and became co-host of the station’s long-running show, “Groove Garden.” In 2003, he became one of four hosts for KFAI's “Local Sound Department.”
In 2005, he got an opportunity to host his own radio show called Rhythm Lab Radio on Minnesota Public Radio’s music station called The Current. The name of the show is called Rhythm Lab Radio. Then in 2006, he was approached from the new Milwaukee radio station 88Nine RadioMilwaukee.
Tarik made the leap from architecture to radio, and now works as the evening music host, and digital and online community manager for 88Nine RadioMilwaukee. He still hosts the award-winning Rhythm Lab Radio on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee and still has a passion for architecture and design. Tarik served for 14 years in the Army Reserves. His last position was a Captain in a Public Affairs unit outside of Chicago.


Jordan “Madhatter” Lee began deejaying in 1998 after moving to Milwaukee, WI from his hometown of Kenosha, WI. Jordan began playing drums and making music before the age of ten. His musical roots were deeply based in soul, funk and rhythm and blues, but were also inspired later in his teens by punk, ska, reggae, and rock. Jordan's roots in drumming and years of voice and theater training, made the progression into working as a DJ, a smooth one. Music has always been, and continues to be, the major building block of his life.

Jordan has performed in Milwaukee for over a decade under the moniker DJ MADHATTER.  His work with groups like the Rusty Ps, Fader Grimmlins and Kung Fusion, lay the ground work for a successful solo DJ career.  As a producer and musician, Jordan dabbles in Jazz, Soul, Rap and Rock. His musical taste vary from week to week and month to month, which is reflective in his Djing style.  
He has performed all over the US , at venues like Summerfest, The Milwaukee Art Museum, and the  Milwaukee Film Festival.  He has performed and collaborated with artists like The Roots, Lupe Fiasco, Craze, The Present Music Ensemble and Gabriel Prokofiev.

“Music is the one language that every culture on this planet speaks. It is man’s great equalizer” - Jordan “Madhatter” Lee


Hailing from the center of the state of Wisconsin, Sarah’s motivation and positive spirit prepare her for a dynamic future. She is filled with passion and has a love for nature, radio, music, writing, photography and communication.

She graduated from Winona State University in 2005 with a Bachelor's in the Arts: Mass Communication, Photojournalism and designed her minor in Professional Studies, Philosophy of Music as a Language. Living by the French saying, "All That I Can I Will," Sarah wears many hats. She is an impact player that believes in teamwork; a natural born leader (Leo) that welcomes challenge and is an advocate for change.

Believing in the importance of helping others, Sarah has a kind, humanitarian spirit. Continuing to maintain her creative progression in a professional world, Sarah currently works at 88Nine RadioMilwaukee as the Director of Underwriting Partnerships and hosts an on air set Sundays from 3PM – 6PM. Sarah is a creator and business minded woman who displays what she loves through song, poetry and photography. She believes in the power of building relationships and helping others get connected along the way.


Let me first say that I absolutely love working for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.  I began working for the station right before we launched in 2007 and I know how lucky I am to have landed a job not only in the music industry, but for a station with values and ethical standards.  My love for music began in my youth when I sang in countless choirs; the sound of perfectly pitched vocal harmonies is my personal utopia (total choir dork).  This was the beginning of what has become unconditional love for fine-tuned musicians. 

I grew up in Cedarburg, WI and realized at a young age that the dynamic Brady Street area was my neighborhood of choice.  Growing up I constantly found myself in detention or grounded, not because I was a “bad kid” but because I had the inability to know when to shut up.  Ironically, talking is now what I do for a living…I wonder what the nuns think of me now!  I received my undergraduate degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication from Marquette University in 2005, and I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Business Ethics and Compliance.  I spend my free time rockin’ out to local bands, yappin’ it up at Rochambo, and caring for my horribly disobedient dogs.  My musical heroes are Ani DiFranco, Otis Redding, and local singer-songwriter Mark Waldoch.


A lot in life being chance, Marcus Doucette planted a seed some years ago when he took an invitaion to DJ a party at Lakefront Brewery in Riverwest. Little did he know that seed would continue to grow...

Waiting tables and working coffee bars, connecting with people and collecting cuts, teaching yoga and traveling by track bike was the life he lived until a chance encounter affirmed what everyone had always noted..."you should be in radio," what they said. So when the offer came to volunteer at a local radio station, he didn't hesitate and became host for that station’s popular and aptly titled “The Fantastic Planet.”

The show was known for its worldly ways, funky flavor and uninhibited approach to music, mixing genres and bending crazy arcs through eras with the DJ's intuition and critic's taste that are his calling cards. In 2007, another chance was encountered when a call came through; that there was a new station in town that was starting soon. Intrigued, he inquired and found a place as dedicated to supporting his home town and its artistic and cultural communities as he wished he could be. When the offer came to join
RadioMilwaukee, he knew he'd found something unique and special. So the chance brought the circumstance, and he's been honing his skills here ever since.

Joining a killer staff of like-minded individuals, you can hear his commitment and love for the city and her people in his voice. Dulcet tones underly a poetic delivery that puts a swig of style in even the most mundane musing. Substance trumps swagger with Marcus however, and he continues to be humble about the experience that continues to grow. Exploring the far-flung musics of this planet, his Sound Travels bear the fruit of these chance meetings that have been blooming for years.

Just listen if you need proof...everyday from ten until two, he DJ's for you.


Managing Producer, Community Stories.
Email: stories@radiomilwaukee.org


For the last 20 years, Dori Zori has used the public radio airwaves to turn your office cubicle into an afternoon dance party.

A life-long Milwaukeean with an undying love for her city, Dori built up a radio following on 91.7 FM WMSE through her Girlina Show, playing dance, local, and ‘80s music, with an always enthusiastic emphasis on female musicians. And if she’s not Djing a dance party somewhere, she’s out in the community, enjoying someone else’s.


Ken is a father of two, husband of one. Born in Chicago in the 70s, he is a fan of the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears & Bulls. A good drummer, passable rhythm guitarist and lousy dancer, he adores music. He spent almost twenty years as a DJ at 93 WXRT in Chicago before moving to Milwaukee in the spring of 2013. In his younger, pre-kid days, he used to fly around in helicopters and airplanes and report on fun stuff like fires, car crashes, hostage standoffs and other assorted mayhem, like Chicago traffic. He loves it here (MKE & 88Nine). He makes a mean Rye Old Fashioned and likes really hoppy IPAs.


I write and produce 5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To, host a show every Sunday from 6-8 and 9-11PM, and do a variety of office duties around 88Nine. I was born and raised right here in Milwaukee. I went to UW-Madison where I earned degrees in History, Political Science, and Integrated Liberal Studies. At 15 my grandma introduced me to This American Life, and I have been hooked on radio ever since. In Madison I hosted six radio shows, my favorite being a show called “Tom Waits and Tom Waits play Tom Waits” where my friend and I did mediocre impressions of Tom Waits and talked to each other and played music. No one listened, but it was a lot of fun. When I graduated in 2012 I took an unpaid internship here at 88Nine. I refused to leave, and after months of hustling, I got my dream job.