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a.MKE THE List: WI Voter ID Law in Full Swing & Aaron Rodgers Day: Today’s Top Stories

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Yesterday the State Assembly took up a bill that would make vast changes in the way it budgets and accounts for the money it spends. Basically this amendment would require the state to use “generally accepted accounting principles” when figuring whether its budget is balanced. But back in June is when Governor Walker and Republican Lawmakers passed a budget that was balanced according to the measure always used for state budgets – cash accounting. This means that the state will have cash left in its main account when the budget ends in 2013.

Today the Common Council’s Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee will decide whether to approve the MSOE parking structure and soccer field. The City Plan Commission is recommending approval for the $27.9 million project and it would sit north of east Knapp Street and west of North Broadway. If approved, MSEO hopes to start construction this spring, and have it completed by the end of the year.

Wisconsin’s voter ID law went into full swing for the Spring Primary. Yesterday’s ballot included a few races in the nonpartisan primary for local, school district and judicial offices. Some of those include a four-way race for Milwaukee city treasurer, a Milwaukee County circuit judge race, and mayoral contests in Milwaukee, Sheboygan and several suburbs. This was the first election for Wisconsin’s new photo id law in addition to the first election, which Milwaukee was required to use bilingual ballots, and in some cases, bilingual poll workers.

The District’s Commission recently approved the demolition of nine houses as part of a $58 million flood-control project. The houses will be removed from both sides of the Kinnickinnic River floodplain, between South 6th Street and South 16th Streets. Over the next tree months, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District will continue to make room for widening the stream.

News came yesterday that the Rosebud and Times Theaters are closing the first week of March. Owner David Glazer bought the properties back in 05 when the market was high, but he said today’s environment makes it very hard to renew or refinance commercial loans. Glazer said, “I feel badly about this and we’ll miss the camaraderie and the interaction with our customers. Our customers were loyal to us, and our staff was great.” The Rosebud will be opening up its doors and welcoming the public to say goodbye this Sunday for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

The State Assembly passed a resolution yesterday that designates December 12th of 2012 as Aaron Rodgers Day. The Assembly passed the resolution unanimously and then it was sent on to the state Senate. Rodgers and his number 12 jersey are being honored as he led the Packers to the Superbowl last year and helped them to a 15-2 record this past season. As we mentioned yesterday, there’s still 17,000 shares of stock left for the Packers. Those shares are open through February 29th.