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a.MKE: 11.1.13

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Two ramps at the Lake Interchange will close for two years starting Monday morning as crews build a temporary roadway to carry I-794 traffic during construction projects on the Hoan Bridge. The eastbound exit to Lincoln Memorial Drive and the entrance ramp to the Hoan at Lincoln Memorial will close as major construction begins in mid December.

As reported by the MBJ: S.C. Johnson plans to cut between 100 and 200 jobs in Racine as part of a companywide restructure. The company reported record profits last year, but wants to position itself for future growth amid tough competition in the consumer products industry.

A series of panel discussions from the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee will discuss critical and controversial issues of the changing work force. The "Racism & Generations" series starts Wednesday as it addresses the difference between workers of different ages and how to engage young workers in board service and volunteerism. More info found on our a.MKE blog at radiomilwaukee.org.

The IRS is sending out a warning to taxpayers of a sophisticated phone scam that's happened in nearly every state, including WI. Taxpayers, mostly immigrants, are told they owe money to the IRS and must pay promptly through a preloaded debit card or wire transfer. If they refuse to cooperate, people then receive a call from the scammers claiming to be police and  threaten to arrest. The calls seem real because caller ID shows calls are coming from local police and the IRS.