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a.MKE: 3 of a Kind, Bridge opens, workers walk out, School District breathalyzer and NLRB 8.1.13

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Hundreds of fast food workers around the city will join others in the nation by walking off the job today over the issue of their wages. Workers say they can't survive on $7.25 an hour and worker advocates say the companies can afford it. Last year, McDonald's earned a profit of over $8 billion dollars.

The Elmbrook School District is considering the idea of breathalyzer tests for suspected drunk students. Under the new proposal, introduced during Tuesday night's school board meeting, a student suspected of drinking at a school event would be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If even a trace of alcohol is detected, the student would be dismissed from the event and parents would be called to pick them up.

The Pleasant Street Bridge is open for business after a $5.4 million, year-long makeover. The bridge is a direct connection from downtown via Water Street into Milwaukee's Brewer's Hill neighborhood. The city celebrates with a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a backyard barbecue at Wolf Peach Restaurant, beginning at 4:30pm.

The National Labor Relations Board is back at full strength, thanks to the Senate's confirmation of five nominees Tuesday night. This is the first time in more than a decade that the NLRB has been fully staffed. Without these new members, the board would have lacked a quorum when NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce's term expires at the end of August, making them unable to do business.

3 OF A KIND = State Fair Livestock

A.   A certain event in West Allis opens it's gates at 8am today.

SONG: Steely Dan "Black Cow"


B.  Average Age of an attendee is 38 years old

SONG: Gap Band "Early in the Morning"


C. Last year's Grand Champion Steer at the Governor's Red, White & Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction weighed in at 1,250 lbs.

SONG: Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"