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a.MKE: 3 of a Kind, Flu Season in WI, Chicago Tribune, Hunting App and Nature Conservancy 11.21.13

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The flu season began early in Wisconsin this year, landing 14 people in the hospital. The city of Milwaukee Health Department has unveiled some advice on how to help fight the virus. Information about antivirals, flu shots and more found here.

In an effort to reduce publishing costs moving into a digitally-focused future, the Chicago Tribune will lay off nearly 700 people over the next year. The Tribune's publishing unit encompasses eight major daily newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel among others.

Just in time for the nine-day deer season, the WI Department of Natural Resources announced the first ever free mobile app, available for iPhone and Android users. Hunters can use the app to find places to hunt, registration locations, rules, regulations and more. Information on how to download the app here.

The Nature Conservancy announced former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl will serve on its WI Board of Trustees. Senator Kohl will help lead the Conservancy's Wisconsin program in its efforts to conserve the state's forests, lakes, rivers, prairies and wetlands over the next three years


1. This thing has its origins in vaudeville and music hall, where a large number of brief but humorous acts were strung together to form a larger program.

SONG: Flight of the Conchords "Faux du Fafa"


2. The Carol Burnett Show aired 278 episodes from September 11th 1967 to March 29th 1978, winning 25 prime time Emmy Awards.

SONG: Kids in the Hall "Daves I Know"


3. The State, In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, Chappelle's Show.

SONG: Monty Python "Lumberjack Song"