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a.MKE: 3 of a Kind, JS, Minor League Baseball, Summer Reading Program and Skydiving World Record 4.3.14

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For the third year in a row, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is raising the price of home delivery to help maintain the status quo over there. They will also hand out separation packages to employees willing to voluntarily give up their jobs in the publishing arm of the company.

Minor league baseball had a set back yesterday as the City of Franklin voted unanimously to reject a proposal to use taxpayer money to build a $10.5 million minor league baseball park in The Rock sports complex.

Marquette's Milwaukee Summer Reading program will get a boost this year thanks to a $130,000 grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. The Summer Reading program helps hundreds of students in Milwaukee improve their reading comprehension skills and improve their vocabulary.

I think it's always interesting when people are trying to break world records, especially when it's 19,000 feet in the air. This week, 222 skydivers representing 28 countries will jump from a group of airplanes flying over Arizona. To qualify, they have to execute two formations before deploying their parachutes, beating the record set last year by 100 skydivers in Florida. Then....history will be made.


1. This thing is featured in the film American Graffiti and in the television show Happy Days.

SONG: Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole lotta shakin' going on"


2. Kirby's Pig Stand in Dallas, Texas was the first to open in 1921.

SONG: George Clinton "Do Fries Go With That Shake"


3. The word "carhop" came from the practice of the waitress or waiter jumping up on the running board of a patron's car as it came rolling into the parking lot.

SONG: Kelis "Milkshake"