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a.MKE: Colorado wildfires, KK River Trail, UN reports and thunderstorms 6.13.13

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Two major wildfires continue to consume thousands of acres and destroy dozens of homes in central Colorado. The Black Forest Fire is one of two major fires taking its toll on Colorado Springs. The other, The Royal Gorge Fire, is burning on the other side of Colorado Springs, threatening the iconic Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge. High temps, dry brush and gusty winds are keeping the fires from being contained.

Construction is underway to connect two busy city bicycle trails in Milwaukee. The off-street KK River Trail will run from S 6th and Rosedale Ave to E Lincoln Ave, with a bridge running over S. Chase Avenue. From Lincoln, cyclists will be able to follow the newly paved old rail corridor, continuing to downtown. The KK Trail will ultimately connect the north and south side trails with less street riding.

The United Nations has confirmed the killing of almost 93,000 people in the Syrian conflict between March 2011 and the end of April 2013. Since the peaceful protests against President Bashar Assad in March 2011, which turned into and armed rebellion and then morphed into civil war, the average monthly number of documented killings has risen from 1,000 to 5,000 per month.

A band of powerful thunderstorms bringing heavy rains, winds in excess of 50 mph and hail pounded southern WI last night, knocking out power to about 20,000 WE Energies customers. Lightening strikes during the storms also caused a fire that created about $60,000 in damage to a home in Glendale. No injuries resulted from the fire.


Three of a Kind - Telephone

A.   The very first was made on March 10 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts.  "Watson come here, I want you!"

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B. "Ahoy" was the original formal greeting, but was later superceded by Thomas Edison, who suggested 'hello' instead. 

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C.  Alexander Graham Bell also invented the metal detector

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