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a.MKE: Dr. Dumpster, CVS, propane shortage and Clarke's new plan 2.5.14

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke revealed his plan to solve the increasing problem of wrong-way driving on the highway. He wants the state Department of Transportation to improve on- and off-ramp warnings by adding physical restraints intended to alert drivers they are going the wrong way. Details of his plan found here.

Governors from six states, including Wisconsin, are asking President Obama for help addressing the propane shortage and price increases. They ask for Obama to consider regulatory waivers aimed at increasing supplies and hope that the Small Business Administration would ease loan requirements to help communities respond to the shortage. This year, the average residential propane cost per gallon has skyrocketed from $4 to $6, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

CVS/Caremark, the country's largest drugstore chain, announced yesterday that it plans to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October. The company's decision will cost it an estimated $2 billion in sales from tobacco buyers. This decision is line with CVS/Caremark'g goal to become more of a health care provider than a retail business.

Dr. Jeff Wilson, a professor at a University in Austin, Texas has sold all his possessions and will live in a dumpster for the next year, all in an effort to teach students about sustainable living. The project is being backed by a $75,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. Wilson's goal is to answer the question "Can you have a pretty good life living in one percent the size of the average new American home on one percent of the water and energy, and only producing open percent of the waste." More on this story here