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a.MKE: Eat Local Resource Fair, MPD lawsuits, MPS grad requirements and violence in Egypt 8.14.13

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As reported by CNN, the Muslim Brotherhood said Thursday nothing will stop it's "Glorious revolution" in Egypt, not even the death of more than 400 people killed in Egypt's bloodiest day in recent history. Egypt's short-lived experiment with democracy took a turn Wednesday, culminating in hundreds of deaths and a return to a state of emergency that had gripped the country for 30 years.

The annual Eat Local Resource Fair takes place Saturday from 11am to 3pm at the Urban Ecology Center at Riverside Park. Participants can attend workshops and demos offering tools, tips and ideas for eating more locally grown and produced food.

Three new lawsuits have been filed against the Milwaukee Police Department in relations to the illegal strip search scandal. Former officers were all criminally charged, one of which has been sentenced to 24 months in prison while two are expected to appear in court later this year.

Milwaukee Public Schools will have a new graduation requirement in place starting in 2015, hoping to foster a new generation of engaged community members. MPS will require students take a service learning class or complete 20 hours of community service independently.