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a.MKE: Flight 270, WI laws passed, Min wage increased and HBD, Twitter! 3.21.14

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The first of five search planes dispatched to look for floating debris photographed by a satellite that could be related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 returned to base Friday without finding anything.

After a 14-hour session, the WI Assembly passed bills designed to make oral chemo drugs more affordable, limit early voting hours and impose new requirements for people exposed to asbestos who bring lawsuits for damages.

Milwaukee County Board members held fast in their support of an $11.33 per hour minimum wage for workers whose employers do business with the county, overriding a previous veto by County Executive Chris Abele.

Guess who's turning 8 today? I'll give you a hint......140 characters and it tweets. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey published the very first tweet on March 21st, 2006. It said "just setting up my twttr".