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a.MKE: Frontier Airlines, firefighter suspensions, Hyundai and Crypto 10.2.13

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The new owners of Frontier airlines are taking a look at increasing the number of planes that fly out of Milwaukee. Phoenix-based Indigo reached an agreement last night with Frontier's owner to buy the Denver-based Frontier for $145 million in cash and debt assumption, ordering 80 new aircraft, more than doubling their current fleet of 50.

Hyundai announced yesterday, federal employees who are current owners of their vehicles are allowed to stop making car payments for as long as the shutdown keeps them out of work. Also, during the month of October, furloughed employees will be able to by or lease a new Hyundai vehicle and not make payments for three months.

Milwaukee Fire Chief Marh Rohlfing announced the suspension of nine Milwaukee firefighters late Tuesday. The Milwaukee City attorney's office is investigating alleged actions of firefighters from Engine 32, Ladder 9 on N. 30th St that were disgruntled by a recent change in command and possible reassignment. The alleged actions did not involve any interaction with citizens.

Four new cased of Cryptosporidium have been confirmed on the North Shore in people who came into close contact with others who already had the gastrointestinal illness. The person-to-person spread has prompted health department officials to stress the importance of thorough hand washing, especially after using the restroom or changing a diaper, as the parasite that causes illness can be passed through fecal matter to food or any object touched by an infected person.