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a.MKE: MPM, Milwaukee FBI, MFA and Roundy's bans Rolling Stone 7.19.13

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Milwaukee County taxpayers would chip in $3 million to help the nonprofit Milwaukee Public Museum cover its pension debt, under a deal back yesterday by a County Board panel. The county currently pays $3 million a year toward museum operations and would continue aid at that level if the museum meets donation goals.

The recently reassigned head of the Milwaukee FBI is under investigation for trying to improperly influence a subordinate's testimony in a lawsuit by an Army veteran denied a job as an agent because he is disabled. Justin Slaby, Oak Creek native and Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, was kicked out of the FBI academy by trainers, even though he was able to shoot with his dominant hand after he lost his other hand in a training accident in Georgia.  More info online.

Milwaukee's firefighters union is interested in being a part of the lawsuit the Milwaukee Police Association has filed against Milwaukee, asking a judge to force the city to abide with a state law ending residency for all local units of government. The Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association Local 215 said the union may seek to intervene with the MPA suit.

Milwaukee-based Roundy's Inc. said Thursday it will not be selling copies of Rolling Stone magazine that features the accused Boston Marathon bomber on the cover. Roundy's has 161 stores across WI as well as Minnesota and Illinois. Other retailers, including CVS and Walgreens, said they would not sell the issue.