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a.MKE: Secret Soundtrack, Crimea update, Walker on Sesame Street, Sam Adams/Heineken stand up for LGBT groups 3.17.14

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By an overwhelming vote of 96.7%, the people of Ukraine's autonomous region of Crimea voted to break off from Ukraine and join Russia. On Monday, lawmakers in Crimea approved a resolution that declared the Black Sea peninsula an independent, sovereign state. They then filed an appeal to join Russia.

In partnership with the National Governors Association, Gov. Scott Walker recently teamed up with Rosita and Abby Caddaby from Sesame Street to promote healthy habits among children. Walker is spreading the message for kids to eat right and get exercise everyday.

Gov. Scott Walker will sign two bills today providing more money for worker training and attempting to resolve issues over the possible sale of Milwaukee's Downtown Transit Center. The job training bill will increase spending on worker training by $35.4 million through June 2015.

Two of the country's biggest beer companies are withdrawing their sponsorships of upcoming St. Patrick's Day parades because LGBT groups aren't allowed to march openly. Sam Adams, owned by Boston Beer Co, pulled their sponsorship of the parade in Boston yesterday, while Heineken has pulled it sponsorship from the New York City parade today. 


1.  Tagline from this 2012 Comedy/Drama/Romance: "Watch for the signs"

SONG: White Stripes "I Fell In Love With A Girl"


2. QUOTE: "It's game day. I'm making crabby snacks and homemades."

SONG: Dave Brubeck Quartet "Unsquare Dance"


3. Trivia: Robert De Niro actually teared up during the scene when Pat Sr. tells Pat he wished he was closer to him, which was not scripted. 

SONG: Stevie Wonder "My Cherie Amour"