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a.MKE: Secret Soundtrack, fire at Courthouse, Graph Search unveiled, Pentagon furloughs and Jordy Nelson commercial 7.8.13

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The Milwaukee County Courthouse and Public Safety Building will be closed today and Tuesday, after a fire Saturday knocked out power, caused more than a half-million dollars in damage and forced county dispatchers to move to Waukesha County to field 911 calls. More than 1000 employees will not be reporting to work and court cases and jury duty are postponed.

Facebook unveils "Graph Search" today. A new search tool intended to make it easier to find people, places and photos. This new tool is most useful in unearthing information about your social circles. For example Graph Search lets you find friends who live in New York City who are vegan, friends of friends who live near you and like hiking and nearby restaurants that your friends like.

Starting today, 650,000 workers from the Pentagon will be forced to take one unpaid day off each week, leading to a 20% reduction in their pay through Sept. 21st. The employees work in key areas that equip and prepare U.S. forces deployed in dangerous places. Although its not the first group of workers forced into furloughs since the sequester, but it is the largest group feeling the effects from March's $85 billion in spending cuts.

The WI Department of Tourism's new fall tourism commercials will star Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson. The commercial that debuts next month stars Nelson and his wife Emily, and is directed by Jerry Zucker. The premier party for the commercial will be held Aug 1st in Green Bay and will feature a Q&A with Nelson and Zucker.

Secret Soundtrack: The Basketball Diaries

1. Tagline from this 1995 movie: Every punk on the block says it's not going to happen to them....but it does.

SONG: The Doors "Riders on the Storm"


2. QUOTE: "And in the next life, father...I'M gonna have the paddle."

SONG: PJ Harvey "Down By the Water"


3. Mark Wahlberg, Bruno Kirby, Lorainne Bracco and Leonardo DiCaprio

SONG: The Jim Carroll Band "People Who Died"