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a.MKE: Shirley Temple Black, ACTS Housing, Peace Corps and Zombie Class is in Session 2.11.14

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Shirley Temple Black, one of the most well-known child actors in history, died late last night surrounded by family and caregivers in her California home. Temple began acting at age 3 and starred in four massive box-office draws before she turned 10, making a then unheard of $50,000 per movie. Although she retired from filmmaking at 22, she served as a foreign diplomat from 1969 to 1992.

As reported by the MBJ: The Greater Milwaukee Foundation gave $100,000 to nonprofit ACTS Housing to aid efforts to put new owners in vacant, foreclosed houses. The grant will support programs to rehab houses, but will also help with ACTS's nonprofit brokerage arm and lending counseling programs. Over the past two years, ACTS helped families buy 171 houses, 60 of which were tax-foreclosed.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison now leads the nation as the top producer of Peace Corps volunteers with 90 alumni currently serving in 42 countries. A troubled economy in recent years has helped create a surge of interest in the Peace Corps and other service opportunities across the country. 94% of currently serving volunteers hold a bachelor's degree or higher with 86% earned an MBA and 51% have a PhD.

Some Central Michigan University students are getting schooled in the undead this semester, thanks to a religion course that's exploring apocalyptic themes in biblical texts, literature and pop culture. Philosophy and religion faculty member and "Walking Dead" fan Kelly Murphy will have her students discuss hypothetical ethical and theological problems that people could encounter in a post-apocalyptic world. Murphy will then in the same way, discuss the Book of Revelation and learn what ancient Jewish and Christian groups were concerned about back in their day.