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a.MKE: Soul Food Celebration, Russian troop pullback, Saving Little Hearts bill and BEEF! 3.4.14

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Trayvon Martin's mother will speak next week at Milwaukee Area Technical Colleges' "Soul Food Celebration" as part of the college's Black History Month programming. Sybrina Fulton, who has become an advocate for civil rights and safe communites since her son's violent death in Florida, will give a speech called "Empowering our Youth" on March 14th. Info found on amke blog.

Russian and Ukrainian troops in Crimea are involved in a tense stand-off, but fears of an imminent Russian assault have eased. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops taking part in military exercises near the Ukrainian border to return to their bases. Thousands of others remain in control of much of Crimea.

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law on Monday that will help save the lives of children in Wisconsin. The bill is called "Saving Little Hearts" and will make it mandatory for newborns to get a Pulse Oximetry test, a noninvasive painless procedure that measures the oxygen level in the blood, and carries a cost of only $4. The American Heart Association in WI has been pushing for this bill for the past three years.

Unrelenting drought across the Great Plains, Texas and California have led to the smallest U.S. cattle herd since 1951, shrinking the supply of beef. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the average retail price per pound for fresh beef has soared to $5.04, the highest price on record since 1987. In Texas and Oklahoma alone, over a million cattle have been sold because farmers can't afford to feed them.