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a.MKE: Three of a Kind, Syria, School of Rock, 100K grant and DNR forecast 8.29.13

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Today the British government is expected to publish some if its intelligence related to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. Western countries are mulling possible military action against Syrian forces after the alleged chemical assault near Damascus on August 21st that killed up to 1,300 people.

School of Rock will open this October in Shorewood. The franchise, owned by Richard "Rock" Marasco, will provide lessons for young people ages 8-18 and give them the opportunity to perform public concerts. Founded 10 years ago in Philadelphia, School of Rock operates more than 100 schools around the world.

A $100,000 state grant will help the city of Milwaukee monitor groundwater contamination as the final acres in the Menomonee Valley business park are developed. The money comes from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday released its 2013 Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast. The 52-page document includes season dates, results of recent wildlife surveys and comments from DNR wildlife managers about various species. 



1. When extinguishing a campfire, use plenty of water, then stir the mixture and add more water. SONG: Graham Parker "Get Started, Start a Fire"


2. Usually credited to Girl Scout Loretta Scott Crew, her award-winning recipe first earned a place of honor in the 1927 Girl Scout handbook.

SONG: Issac Hayes "Chocolate Chip"


3. Americans buy more than 90 million pounds of marshmallows every year.

SONG: Bing Crosby "Marshmallow World"