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Black Flag Kicks Off A Documentary Series on The Art Of Punk

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No other genre of music has had a close relationship to art and design than Punk.  The art and design in the early days of punk culture influenced a lot what we see in mainstream culture to this day from fashion to film to advertising.  In the early days of hip hop, acts like Afrika Bambaata and Run DMC borrowed some of the fashion and styles of Punk culture. Maybe that explains why MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles has commission a documentary series on The Art Of Punk. 

MOCA commissioned Filmmaker Bryan Ray Turcotte to make three short documentaries looking at the art of Black Flag, Crass, and The Dead Kennedys.  MOCA recently released the Black Flag documentary, which features interviews from Henry Rollins, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and others.  The documentary on Crass and Dead Kennedys will be released June 18 and June 25 resepctively. Watch the both the Black Flag and Crass documentaries below.