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Hack Your Beer With Only A French Press To Create New Flavors

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Let's face it, this is a beer town. If it was biologically possible, beer would flow through our veins instead of blood.  There are some of the country's best beers brewed right here in Milwaukee.  However, the brewers can only make so many unique beers.  Haven't you wonder what your favorite IPA would taste like with a little touch of ginger, or your stout with some German chocolate.  You can.  All you need is a French Press, your favorite local brew and your imagination.  

The foodie site, Serious Eats, publish a how to guide on infusing flavor into your favorite beer. I call it Beer Hacking (patent pending).  Some example creations on the article include Green Flash West Coast IPA with Mango and Hops, New Belgium Trippel with Lime and Mint, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with Ginger and Grapefruit.  The process is pretty simple. Well, it just like brewing coffee, but probably with a little longer steeping time. Check it out for yourself.

Let us know what combinations would be good using only Milwaukee beers in the comments section below.  I might actually go out and try it.  Think about it, there could be competitions throughout the city to see who has the best combinations.  Cheers and enjoy responsibly. (via Serious Eats)