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Wisconsin, Jack White, and Blues music

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Jack White's label Third Man Records has compiled and released what is probably the most extensive documentation of early American music to date. The collection is called The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records. It is being packaged and released as a kind of glorified box set, but it is really the product of extensive historical research on par with any curated museum installation. The collection follows Paramount's rise from a chair company here in Wisconsin, to its death in the early half of the century. Paramount recorded American music that would have been lost entirely if they had not captured it. Paramount recorded seminal blues artists like Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Ethel Waters at their studio in Grafton Wisconsin. 




The collection is $400, but in regard to its documentation of American cultural and musical history, it is priceless. Check out this beautiful piece of history, and put it at the top of your holiday list.