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Watch Short Documentary On The Mecca Floor, Download Song Inspired By The Floor

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  • 30 for 30: ‘Mecca: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous’
    30 for 30: ‘Mecca: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous’

In August of 2013 at the US Cellular Arena (formerly, the Mecca Arena), an event was held in honor of Robert Indiana's Mecca floor aka "The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous." That evening, the Mecca floor was put on display for one night only. At that time, I knew little about the floor and the unique story behind it. As time went by, I discover that this floor had many stories to tell.  Our own Nate Imig told one of those stories about the Mecca floor with Ben Koller

Designed and built in the 1970's by the well-known pop-artist Robert Indiana, the Mecca floor not only caused controversy because of the use of public funding, put gave the city of Milwaukee a huge amount of press throughout the country. When the Bucks move to the Bradley Center, the iconic floor was left behind and so was an amazing art piece until a few years ago.  

In a new documentary short for ESPN's 30 for 30, the story of Robert Indiana's Mecca floor is told from the birth to it's 'death' to it's revival.  It is a fascinating story of something that most people would take for granted.  You can watch the documentary over at Grantland.

Inspired by the story of the Mecca floor and it's revival, the Our Mecca group, released a song by Milwaukee's Pharoah MAC and DMT called "Work 2 Do."  The song features a sample of the 1972 funk classic "Work To Do" by the Isley Brothers. You can download it for free.

Download "Work 2 Do" by Pharoah Mac and DMT (right click and save as)