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Lollapalooza 2013: Question of the Day Pt. III

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  • Justin Barbin

The question for the final day was the extremely fiiting "What has been your wildest experience at the festival so far?" People had some interesting responses.

L/R: Mike McGuier 18, Lombard, IL; Michelle Strange, 18, Lombard, IL

Josh: What has been your wildest experience here so far this weekend?

Mike: So, at Kendrick Lamar, there was these two guys in wheelchairs crowd surfing and they were brought all the way to the front.

Yeah, I know. We were there! That was pretty crazy. What about you Michelle?

Michelle: Well, I ended up rolling in the mud at Perry's. That was kind of wild.


L/R: Apollo Creed, 25, Kansas; Brock Ambertone, 25, Kansas1

What has been your guys wildest festival experience here so far?

Brock: This guy was swing dancing with this girl in the mud pit at The Killers and finished with a dip. I couldn't believe it.

Wait, her right here?2

B: No, no. It was just some random girl that was at the concert.

Just some random girl?

B: Yep.

Wow pretty impressive.

Apollo: Yeah, I know. And I don't remember any of it.

You don't remember any of it?

B: Yeah, he was pretty drunk.

A: I didn't think I was, but I must've been.

B: You totally were.

Anything else you wanna add?

A: No, that's it. 

Eric Simons, 50, Chicago, IL3

What would you say has been your wildest experience at Lollapalooza this year?

I guess I'll go with dancing with a banana at Perry's.4

That sounds kind of crazy.

L/R: Jules Parefeau, 19, Connecticut; Alison Brundrett, 19, Connecticut; Kenny Kirkupmpt, 19, Connecticut5

What has been your craziest experience here this weekend?

Alison: I was filmed for a Michael Bay film at Hot Chip. I had to sign a release form and everything. It said Paramount Pictures at the top.

That's awesome! Do you have any idea wich film it was? Did the form say?

A: No, it just said Paramount Pictures.

Damn, I gotta look that up. What about you Jesus?

Jules: I got nothing. Go to Kenny.

Kenny: One time my friend dressed up like Jesus.

I see that.

J: The wildest thing was the second coming of Christ.6

L/R: Nick Troskey, 23, Walled Lake, MI; Charlie Boyd, 21, Wilmot, WI

What has been the wildest thing you guys have seen here so far?

Charlie: Oh my god! I was just telling him. I saw this little teenage kid who clearly snuck in and he didn't have a wristband on. Then there was this big-ass security, like huge, riding this bike and he came up behind him and grabbed him by the pants, and the kid was like, "Damn it!" It was so funny.

I think we literally just walked past that guard on the way over here!

C: Really?

Yeah, I can't believe we missed it.7

C: Yeah, I'm telling you, just stick to this main drag here. You're bound to see something crazy.

How about you, Nick?

Nick: Well earlier today, there was this guy from Perry's just pissing on that tree right over there, out in the open.

And nobody saw him?

N: No not at all, and I'm not going to go over there and say anything to him. I mean, he's going to do what he's going to do.8

Mike Tapia9

What has been your craziest experience at the festival so far?

Oh, at The Postal Service, this guy, like, passed out and landed right on my feet.

Oh my god, yeah! I was standing right there too and saw that happen. My friend was, like, trying to talk to him.10

Yeah! He was literally right on my feet. And I didn't no what to do! I'm watching this concert and all of a sudden a guy passes out. Like, should I call somebody? And who am I supposed to call? It was all so sudden.11

Yeah, wow.

Mercy Peppers, 19, Georgia12

What has been your wildest experience this weekend?

Well, I saw this person being carted across the stage at Perry's on a stretcher wth puke all over her face, and she had the exorcist eyes and everything. It was real creepy. 

Woah, leave it to Perry's, I guess. 

Yeah, there's always something wild going on there.

The lesson of this question is most definitely that if you want to have a memorably wild experience at Lollapalooza, your best bet is to head over to Perry's. Yet, with my largely mild manners and hatred for douchey bros, I avoided that place at all costs and still had a slew of entertaining experiences; just refer to my daily recaps. So if you're like me, don't worry. Perry's isn't the be all, end all for a good time and never should be. However, that being said, I'd have agree it probably is the easiest place to quickly find one. But, I mean, who wants that anyway? The best things always come naturally.

Last thing I need to do is give a huge shout out to Alison. She helped me put this series together and I seriously couldn't have done it without her. Major props, girl.

1: Pretty sure none of that is true. I don't know why the would lie. Afraid of free publicity I guess.

2: There was a girl walking with them that didn't have any thing to say on the matter.

3: This guy was about to say something concerning him and his wife doing something naughty behind this one place, but she denied it so he didn't want to use it, but he did wink at me before mentioning the banana.

4: Not sure if this was a fruit, or person in a suit. That tottaly rhymed. Hell yeah.

5: A bunch of random guys that obviously knew them walked up halfway through the interview, and one of them said something about stabbing a guy. I couldn't tell if he was joking. I hope he was.

6: Pretty sure this guy and their sign were slammed by Nathan Williams at the Wavves set.

7: So pissed.

8: Ironically, he's part of the Green Team. I guess since trees are brown, they don't matter. And I mean, when's a little urine ever hurt anybody? The answer is all the time.

9: Forgot to grab name and location. Used Facebook and Google image search to try to find that stuff later, but got nothing. I bet the dude felt like a stud with those two chicks. He actually came up to us strangely enough.

10: How did I not recognize this guy? Must've been the adrenaline of the moment.

11: After talking to Justin, I guess this gentleman was just too high.

12: How cool is that name? I wish my parents were that creative.