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Books for Kids Donation Drive

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Think back to when you loved reading, before it was a chore and you read only for school or work.   You’re probably thinking back to when you were a kid and books captivated you with every page.  I can still remember my first favorite book: Where’s Spot?  I toted it around everywhere and read it hundreds of times always waiting to see where exactly Spot would turn up.  “Is he under the rug?...NO!” and even though I knew he wasn’t under the rug I would flip the flimsy cut-out rug just to make sure. 

When I finally got too old for Where’s Spot, I moved on to other books that were a little more challenging and ever since then have been devouring books left and right.  I now read as many books as I can lay my eyes on and my library has been steadily increasing with age.  But it all started with a simple book about trying to find a dog. 

Not every kid though, is afforded the same luxury that I was.  Not every kid is able to have their favorite book and tote it around and re-read it as many times as they’d like.  Some kids don’t have a single book to call their own.

 That’s why Next Door, a Milwaukee nonprofit, started a program called Books for Kids.  The program was started in 1990 and now distributes 50,000 donated books to children in Milwaukee’s central city each year in the hopes that every child -- no matter their family income level -- can have their own book. 

Right now, Books for Kids is in dire need of new and gently used children’s books to share with our community.  Radio Milwaukee and Stone Creek Coffee are hosting a donation drive to stock their library.

Donations can be brought to:

Stone Creek at Radio Milwaukee
158 S Barclay Street
Now through Aug. 3
6:30 am to 9 pm.

Books for Kids accepts books for all ages (babies-young adult) and is in particular need of infant-toddler picture books.

Donating a book can make a huge difference to a child.  The number of books in a home correlates significantly with reading achievement.  Reading helps kids with general learning skills, basic speech skills, communication skills and logical thinking skills.  Plus, reading is fun!

I can’t imagine my life without books in it.  There are so many things I would never have thought about, places I would never have imagined, things I never would have learned and I never would have found out that Spot was in the basket the whole time. 

Click here to hear Dori Zori's interview with Books for Kids and click the player above to find out more details about our donation drive.