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Interview: Sharon Jones talks faith, film, and her fight

Sharon Jones press photo

Sharon Jones press photo

Justin: Hi Sharon Jones! I’m Justin Barney from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How are you doing?

Sharon: It’s such a pleasure to be talking to you.

Justin: Thank you. So we have the Milwaukee Film Festival coming up, and Miss Sharon Jones will be playing three times during the festival, so we wanted to talk to her about the film a little bit. So was it your idea to do the film? Where did the idea come from?

Sharon: My manager Alex Kadvan, it was his idea, he went to VH1 and got it started.

Justin: What did you think when he came up with that idea?

Sharon: Well, of course, I was like what? I don’t have a story. (laughs) He was like, this will be good, you do have a story. He made me realize I had a story. Then VH1 got Barbara Kopple and then that was it.

Justin: How did you feel about having cameras around you?

Sharon: It was weird at first, I was going through a lot. You know, I didn’t feel too comfortable with the camera. I didn’t want it to be like a reality show or something. So one thing with the camera crew, I just told them certain things I didn’t want them to print or talk about. They respected that, and I’m amazed that they followed for me for at least 200 hours of taping and they broke it down into an hour and a half. They really captured my story.

Two Sound Travels Mixes… | September 2016


…as this weekend I stayed true to my promise and had a mix of 70’s era Brazilian samba soul sounds that finds the funk in more than a few ways. Rare grooves are in abundance on this mix that I’m still grooving on. Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the playlist I made to make the mix so even though the mix stands, I’m not one hundo on what I actually fit into this hour-long exploration. Enjoy!

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