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Listen to deep-rooted Milwaukee band, Wooldridge Brothers, perform new album on 414 Live

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Americana band with pop and rock sensibility performed new tracks off "Starts at Dusk"

414 Live with Wooldridge Brothers

After a successful Kickstarter campaign three years ago, the Wooldridge Brothers set to work on creating the material promised in their campaign – a solo LP from Scott Wooldridge (which came in 2015) and a group record.

In August, the second part of the promised material was delivered. The drive-in movie inspired album, Starts at Dusk, represents years of work for the group across different cities.

OnMilwaukee’s Bobby Tanzillo talked through the album with the brothers track-by-track. We were excited to hear new material from this deep-rooted Milwaukee band this past Thursday.

Listen to 414 Live with Wooldridge Brothers below: