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Listen to 414 Music Live with The Latino Arts Mariachi Juvenil

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Get a sneak peak of the talented young musicians set to perform at the Latino Arts Guitar Festival

414 Music Live with The Latino Arts Mariachi Juvenil

Latino Arts Mariachi Juvenil

The Latino Arts Mariachi Juvenil is the flagship ensemble of the Latino Arts Strings Program, which was founded in 2002 by Dinorah Marquez at the United Community Center and Bruce Guadalupe Community Schools. The program started with only 26 students, but has grown to include over 200 current active members and serve over 1,000 students in the past 15 years.

Performers in flagship group Mariachi Juvenil range from ages 11 to 18. Despite the performers’ young age, the group’s accomplishments are numerous, including a feature in La Santa Cecilia’s Grammy-nominated album, Buenaventura.

We were excited to kick off February by hosting this group of 32 (yes, 32!) young musicians that will be a part of the Latino Arts Guitar Festival on Saturday, February 11 at Latino Arts, Inc. In addition to intermediate and advanced level competitions for students all over the Midwest, the festival will feature the musical stylings of classical guitarists Rene Izquierdo (Cuba) and Isaac Bustos (Texas).

Stream the session and interview below:

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