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Sometimes, you know the cover well before you hear the original

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Bruce-Springsteen-Asbury-ParkKen Sumka | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
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As a 6 year-old who heard "Blinded By The Light" incessantly on the radio in 1976, I had idea it was a cover

Now, in my defense, not many six year-olds have the musical knowledge to even know what a cover is, let alone that that hit on the radio is one. It wasn’t until a decade later that I realized “Blinded By The Light” was written by Bruce Springsteen. It took me two or three listens of the Bruce Springsteen original before I put two and two together. Plus the Manfred Mann cover hit #1 in the U.S. in 1977, Springsteen’s cover never charted.

Manfred Mann’s cover of “Blinded By The Light”

The Bruce Springsteen original.

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