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Five things to do this weekend in Milwaukee

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Here are the best shows to be at this weekend in Milwaukee:


This weekend in Milwaukee

Love They Might Be Giants are back with a brilliant new studio album, “I Like Fun.” They’re back with their Dial-A-Song service at www.dialasong.com; and they’re back on the road with a new show with an expanded line-up of musicians. This new set will include all-time favorites, fresh rarities spanning their epic career, and spur-of-the-moment improvisations that will delight even their exhausted road crew. To be direct: this show is not to be missed. And, the show is almost all ages (14+).

Friday at 9 p.m. @ The Pabst ($29.50)


Hot Snakes

We’ve been a bit obsessed with the volatile rock of Hot Snakes and their lean, mean swagger and their song “Six Wave Hold Down” in particular. After briefly considering leaving the music game, Hot Snakes came back in 2011 and after a bit of soul-searching and subsequent cajoling from fans, decided it was time for something new. Jericho Sirens is the fruit of that labor and is out now on Sub Pop records. Duchess Says and Meat Wave open what looks like one of the best rock shows of the early year.

Thursday at 9pm @ Mad Planet ($27)

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We've been celebrating St. Patrick's Day for two weeks, so let's do something else...

I know I shouldn’t, but I kinda resent St. Patrick’s Day. I used to be way into it, green beers and all but these days, and especially after a two week lead-in that has a Shamrock Shuffle and a parade last weekend, I suppose I’m numb to it actually happening this weekend. Good thing I write this blog because I have other ideas for this weekend…


Protomartyr + Hydropark

Detroit rockers Protomartyr are rolling into Riverwest this weekend on tour in support of their dense, dizzy new album “Relatives in Descent.” The Detroit foursome’s fourth album is, like every Protomartyr album before it, a loose-lipped, allusion-loaded saga, the sound of some seriously smart dudes looking to make some sense of an increasingly senseless world. Impressively, it works as they channel the 2016 election and Flint water crisis to make their sense of cosmic unease palpable. They’ll be with Michigan instrumental outfit Hydropark, who make krautrock in a way that is altogether fresh, not retro. Don’t sleep on them as they’ll be opening this Saturday night gem.

Saturday at 10pm @ Company Brewing ($15) 



Shen Yun

Just in time to escape St. Patrick’s Day, Shen Yun,  the premier Chinese cultural performing arts group begins a weekend’s worth of shows at the Miller High Life Theatre. If you are a fan of elaborate cultural costumes, high-tech backdrops, and live orchestra, then this might be the theater experience you’re searching for. Classical Chinese dance might be the perfect prelude to your own St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans…

Friday-Sunday @ Miller High Life Theatre


Trapper Schoepp

Rootsy, cinematic rocker Trapper Schoepp and band are hitting the road and you can give them a warm send off before their month long European tour. The roots rocker will play songs from his latest releases, “Bay Beach Amusement Park” and “Rangers & Valentines.” Charming stuff really, Trapper Schoepp excels at telling stories though his well-written songs and this Saturday should see the band in prime form as they gear up to impress European audiences.

Saturday 8-10:30pm @ Anodyne Coffee