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Discussing the powerhouse film ‘La La Land’ before the Oscars

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Today! 414 Music Live with Fatty Acids

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Music News: Eddie Van Halen donated 75 guitars to school music programs, more

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Spring Awakening 2017 Lineup Announced: Phase Two

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16905066_1585468514811768_1101839010329116126_oKenny Perez | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
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The Mix with guest Nordstorm

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Nordstorm – Spotify Facebook Soundcloud

1. John Talabot – Depak Ine (Nordstorm Bootleg)
2. Adam Stacks – Loving You
3. Jeremy Olander – Caravelle
4. Henry Saiz – Lucero Del Alba
5. Very Addictive – Hurt You (Nordstorm Remix)
6. Johan Ohlson – Always
7. Fehrplay – Nightride
8. Johan Ohlson & Carl Klingstedt – Always
9. Nordstorm – Aira (Magnetic Brothers Remix)
10. Rüfüs – Innerbloom

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You Should Know: MKE Edition with The Fatty Acids

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Fatty Acids

Coming to Milwaukee

When: Friday, February 24 8PM
Where: Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery, 224 W. Bruce Street
Tickets: anodynecoffee.com/shop/shop/fattyacids/

Josh Evert and The Fatty Acids return from a four-year break in recording to release “Dogs of Entertainment” this Friday at Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery.

We spoke with Evert recently about growing up with music, liver and onions, Weird Al, and more.

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Listener suggestion: Chinese band Nova Heart covers Patti Smith

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pattismithKen Sumka | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
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An interveiw with Japandroids

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Justin Barney: So, the new album is called Near to the Wild Heart of Life. Could you explain the title of it?

Brian King: The title comes from a book by James Joyce, it’s a line in the book, and I actually first heard it from a different that took the title from that line by Clarice Lispector, and then I discovered it came from the James Joyce book and read that book. The influence of those books end with that line, but that was one of those great lines that was really inspiring for me and it really summed up the spirit of the songs.

JB: How would you say you manage to capture that spirit while writing?

BK: I don’t even know if I can answer that question. From the very beginning we’ve always just felt compelled to write about certain things in a certain way. That was not terribly original necessary, because we got that idea from a lot of our favorite bands from the past, but when it came time to make our own music it just felt like the natural thing to do, and the thing that we felt like we could do the best. It never really occurred to us to try and make a really sad record because it just wouldn’t be natural to us. [Our music] is a reflection of our personalities and a reflection of our music taste.

Near to the Wild Heart

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