88Nine Radio Milwaukee


by Marcus Doucette

Marcus Doucette

New music is the order of the day on 88Nine, and Sound Travels will add four more to the score and we started with an interesting band called Appalatin. Forged in the jam, this unlikely crew from Louisville, Kentucky sounds as perfectly formed as their name is apropos. Their sound could be described as Kentuck-cumbia, a fusion of Appalatian folk and Andean folk musics; and it's actually pretty dope.



Their new album Waterside, came out in May and follows a bilingual, sum of its parts trajectory that works quite well while sounding pretty natural. And it should, what began with informal jams spearheaded by two Kentucky-bred, Spanish-speaking sojourners in South and Latin America (Steve Sizemore, Yani Vozos) and a Nicaraguan guitarist/songwriter (Marlon Obando), quickly evolved into a committed band of brothers, including a Guatemalan journalist and harmonica whiz (Luis De Leon), a jazz bassist from Down Under (Luke McIntosh), and Fernando Moya, an Andean wind player from Quito, Ecuador and master of traditional Andean forms. Who knew bluegrass and cumbia sounded so sweet.