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Brown Sabbath?

by Marcus Doucette

Marcus Doucette

Far from being commentary on religious observation, the latest release from Adrian Quesda's project Brownout is actaully a stunning tribute to one of his influences, Black Sabbath. Brown Sabbath is the name of Brownout's latest and was what was playing on Sound Travels this morning as we got into a few psychedelic sounds for Sound Travels on Wednesday.

Brown Sabbath was born out of the repetitiveness of having a long running club gig that the band Brownout was playing in Austin, Texas. Instead of getting burned out, the band decided to bring their trademark pan-Latin vibes to some covers of classic artists like James Brown and on Brown Sabbath, Black Sabbath. On it, the band bends Sabbath's classic album Masters of Reality in decidedly horn heavy and Latin way that never undermines the sonically abrasive awesomness of the original. The release date hasn't been announced, but the news is out…. Quesada, who happened to be in Milwaukee last week with one of his other projects, Spanish Gold, was nice enough to pass it along to me, so I'll pay it forward and recommend it to you…