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Paper Holland bring brassy melodies in their new single, ‘Don’t Go Now’

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The new track is a soft indie rock plea that contains all the main ingredients that make Paper Holland a crowd favorite: melodic rhythms, entrancing buildups and full-bodied brass backings. It’s apparent that since their last album, Paper Holland’s self-awareness has manifested maturity and growth through concise, fluid breaks and an overall more poised, elevated sound.

paper holland new song

Listen to the track below and be sure to check them out at their album release party with Klassik and Jaill on June 1 at Anodyne Coffee.

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We have the Summer Soulstice 2018 festival lineup!

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Summer Soulstice is one of the biggest days for Milwaukee music. It makes sense that it would take the longest day of the year to showcase it.

It’s all going down for free(!) in the middle of the East Side on North Ave. Check the lineup below.


East Stage

Sponsored by Educator’s Credit Union, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and OnMilwaukee.com.

  • School of Rock
  • Paper Holland
  • Bo and Airo
  • Sat Night Duets
  • Greatest Lakes
  • Jaill
  • Rusty Pelicans

West Stage

Sponsored by Milwaukee Film, FM 102.1 and Milwaukee Record.

  • Negative Positive
  • Soulfood Mombits
  • Vincent Van Great
  • B~Free
  • Kal Berghdal Project
  • Abby Jeanne

Murray Stage

Sponsored by the Marcus Center, WMSE and Urban Milwaukee.

  • Paladino
  • Devil Met Contention
  • Kevin Hayden Project
  • Amanda Huff
  • Kyle Ferrick
  • Chickenwire Empire
  • Space Raft
  • Young Revelators

On top of all that music will be some opening solstice yoga sun salutations led by Urban Om, Nine Below mini-golf, BMX, Adventure Rock, Roll Train, a Milwaukee roller-skating dance troupe and live painted art from five local artists which will also serve as a temporary art installation this summer in Black Cat Alley.

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Today at 11! Stream a live concert from Belly and Editors

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NonCOMM 2018 Live Stream Schedule

Friday, May 18

(Times converted to CDT)

11:00-11:25 a.m. – Belly
11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – Editors


Watch the live sets through the VuHaus video below:

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Questlove is bringing a Prince symphony to Milwaukee

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“Prince was singular in his music. He was his own genre,” says Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. He is well-known as one of Prince’s biggest fans and will be hand selecting the musicians and arranging the show, though he won’t be performing himself.

It was announced by Live Nation Urban and TCG Entertainment in partnership with The Prince Estate.

Prince’s family and friends are making contributions as well, with a video presentation featuring never-before-seen footage, courtesy of the estate.

prince celebration

Each show will also feature a live band including amazing musicians and vocalists who will perform alongside the orchestra.  4U Prince’s extensive musical catalog will be represented in 4U, including his greatest hits as well as some of his lesser-known gems in this musical celebration.

See this symphonic tribute to Prince at the Riverside Theater on Friday, October 11. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m.

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David Byrne tells us about his idea of utopia

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The new album is called “American Utopia,” but David Byrne isn’t starting his own utopian society. It’s not any kind of proposal. Rather, he says, “It’s more about our longing, hope and desire for something different and better than what we have now.”

On “American Utopia,” he makes that clear as soon as you turn the album over and find a series of questions…

american utopia back

It’s a wonderful piece. With it, one of the things Byrne makes clear about utopia is that everyone has a different vision or version of it.

So, what does David Byrne’s utopia look like?

“For me it’s…I can imagine a sense of community—a sense of well-being,” he says. “The people are connected to one another. Of course, that includes economic well-being too. That’s a start. I don’t have other kind of rules like, ‘Oh yes! Everyone should have sex with everyone else’ or anything like that…[laughs]”

Going through the first pass on any album, there’s always a song that lights up all of those spots in your brain. I told Byrne that for me, on “American Utopia,” the one that lit up the most spots in my brain was “Dog’s Mind.”

He acted surprised that I would want to talk about this seemingly cartoonish song that’s literally about what dogs are thinking, but his explanation of it not only puts the album in perspective, but the world too.

“It starts off as this sort of familiar dystopian political whatever situation and then it takes a turn and it asks ‘Okay. Yeah, but what do the dogs think about it?’ Obviously, they have a completely different view and I use that as a way of saying, ‘That’s exactly how limited our point of view is.’ If we think a dog’s point of view is limited…well, so is ours. We think we’re the bee’s knees, but we’re just like dogs in a way.”

David Byrne Interview

David Byrne for AP by Drew Gurian

This is something he plays with throughout the album, urging us to remember that we, as humans, are not the center of the universe, to think about the other things we share the world with.

“There’s chickens and donkeys and cockroaches, fleas, dogs…No cats. Leave the cats for the internet.”

In “American Utopia,” Byrne considers all of these perspectives trying to figure out: Is there a better way?

I wonder if he’s also looking for a new way to express himself. Byrne has done just about everything there is to do creatively. It’s a shot in the dark, but I asked him if he would ever take the final frontier into politics.

Sarcastically, he answers, “Yes, I’m gonna join Elon Musk on Mars. [laughs]”

Then, more thoughtfully, he says, “It’s very flattering to have it be suggested, but I think that’s really a specific skill. Imagining that you could do it creatively might be fooling yourself.”

As if feeling the full weight of the possibility, he says, “It’s kind of a swamp and you can really get your feet stuck in there. I don’t know…”

For Byrne, it seems like the answer is a wearied no. But, he isn’t quite pessimistic.

“I will say that I’ve noticed a lot of people all over the country—non-politicians—deciding to get involved in politics, a lot of women especially, deciding, ‘Hey I can do this as good as they can!’ They’re fed up with the so-called ‘political professionals.’ They feel like, ‘No, come on…You completely botched this up. I can’t do any worse than what you’ve done.’”

Though solutions may not be on the horizon yet, he says it’s inspiring to see so many people making noise—just as Byrne does with his constant questioning and searching in his music.

“American Utopia” makes you consider and reconsider these new possibilities, perhaps find some answers, but more importantly, find hope in curiosity.


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Milwaukee faves, Dogs In Ecstasy, have a new album that’s about to be an internet sensation

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Their newest release is nothing short of what one would expect from Dogs in Ecstasy. With tracks playing on new-age inconveniences, such as “Rage Against the Dying of My Phone,” and relatable insecurities, like “I’m Nothing,” their new release “Dreams and Gripes” is a fun, weird power-pop compilation that contrasts fun, keyboard-heavy bounce and bleak real life lyrics and scenarios.

Dogs In Ecstacy

Listen to their new album here:

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Outkast’s Big Boi will join The Weeknd at Summerfest

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In June 2017, Big Boi released his third solo album, Boomiverse. He is also has a role in the upcoming film, “Superfly.”

Big Boi Outkast summerfest

In addition to Big Boi, Summerfest also added The New Power Generation, Belly,  In Real Life, Drax Project, Lucky Boys Confusion, The Sisterhood, Jukebox the Ghost, Becca Mancari, Logan Henderson and Dorothy.

Plus, these headliners have been added to the Summerfest schedule:  The All-American Rejects, The Wallflowers, Third World, Jack & Jack, Third Eye Blind, The Wailers, Midland and Jonathan Davis of Korn.

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The Riverwest Femfest 2018 lineup is here and it’s amazing

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Events during the Femfest include a comedy night, spoken word, a maker’s market, film & video showcase, an art walk and more.

Riverwest FemFest is an annual weekend community music and arts festival celebrating the powerful and positive impact women, femmes, and feminine identifying groups can have on each other and the community around them. Founded in 2015, we celebrate the empowerment that comes with surrounding yourself with people who push you to push yourself. We celebrate through music, art, and poetry. We not only celebrate the feminine impact within our own community, we celebrate women, femmes, and feminine identifying groups, (and those who support) everywhere.

Femfest is also a fundraiser, with all proceeds from the fest going towards organizations within our city of Milwaukee that aim to help and protect women. 2017’s festival beneficiaries were the Coalition for Justice and Pathfinders Milwaukee. We donated the remaining proceeds from the fest to the Milwaukee Women’s Center, a division of Community Advocates that houses and supports men, women, and children dealing with domestic violence, mental health issues and substance abuse.

This year’s beneficiaries are  Courage MKE, Casa Maria and The Milwaukee Women’s Resource Center.

To help support this year’s festival the organizers once again teamed up with Company Brewing to make a Sour IPA. The beer was brewed by Sam Willis, who is one of the two women brewers in Milwaukee.  There will be a launch party for the beer on May 17 featuring performances from Liam O’Brien’s Faithless Followers, Ben Yela, and Fuzzyhead.

Here’s the lineup:

Riverwest Femfest 2018

Sunday, May 27

Riverwest FemFest Keg Stand Up! at Lakefront Brewery

Featuring comedy from Dina Nina Martinez, Allison Dunne, Shannon Noll and the headliner:
Chastity Washington.

Milwaukee Comedy and Lakefront Brewery present fresh laughs and fresh beer, it’s Keg Stand Up – a hilarious night of comedy at Lakefront Brewery! The show will feature delicious beer, live stand up comedy and table served food from a special show menu. Yum!

One dollar from each tap beer poured at the event will be donated to this year’s Riverwest FemFest beneficiaries, Courage MKE, MKE Women’s Resource Center and Casa Maria. Additionally, $1 from each pint of My Turn Kristen poured during RWFF week will be donated.

Monday, May 28

Riverwest FemFest Spoken Word Night at Rise & Grind Cafe #2

Marissa Reyes
Sam Pekarske
Natalia Rivas
Kristin Peterson
Lilo Allen
– and –
Heard Space

Tuesday, May 29

Riverwest FemFest Film & Video Showcase at Microlights

Two programs of local, femme-identified film shorts curated by Grace Mitchell and Naomi Shersty. 15 minute intermission. Cash bar.

7-8 p.m.
Ella Freigang – Retirement Party
Emily Downes – Loose Ends
Britany Gunderson – Space Defined
Kati Kachever – Clear and Twisting She Goes
Nazlı Dinçel – Between Relating and Use
Janelle Vanderkelen – Ambrosia
Kayle Karbowski – Maybe the Tides Created You, But You Control What Moves You
Celeste Contreras – Lost in Translation, Found in Decolonization
Brooke Thiele – The Deer Queen

Run Time: about 40 minutes

8:15-9:15 p.m.
Jesse McLean – I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining
Sarah Buccheri – Women’s Room
Natasha Woods – A denial
Kym McDaniel – Press Play
Rachel Lane – Optimistic Voices
Cecelia Condit – Some Dark Place
Kim Miller – Cabbage Garden
Ariel Teal – Becoming

Run Time: about 42 minutes

With instillations by:
Michelle Trujillo – Space Erotics and Water Erotics
Sally Nicholson – Clove
Cristina Ossers – Motion Sickness
Maeve Jackson – Superior Woman

Wednesday, May 30

Riverwest FemFest Art Walk and After Party

Riverwest FemFest is proud to present: Art Walk 2018 with a community of artists exhibiting at 5 different walkable locations, including:
The Ski Club
The Yellow Wallpaper Project
The Jazz Gallery
Yours Truly
The Lunchbox at After School Special

The After Party will take place at Art Bar.


8:30 – The Fellows
8:45 – Kati Katchever
9:30 – Banana Fish
10:15 – Rocket Cat
11:00 – Saebra & Carlyse
DJ Ryot

Thursday, May 31

Riverwest FemFest 2018 at Mad Planet

8:30 – Nafrini
9:30 – Ava Lake
10:30 – WAVY V
11:30 – Burlesque with Miss Sunshine Ramel & Coco Soleil
Featuring DJ Megz and DJ DRiPSweat

Riverwest FemFest 2018 at Club Timbuktu

8 – Kendra Swanson
9 – Ms. Lotus Fankh
10 – LUXI
11 – Sweet Lala
12- Rocket Paloma
Featuring DJ Alien Dance, DJ Jen Dub, and DJ Rainbow

Friday, June 1

Riverwest FemFest 2018 at HIGH DIVE MKE

7:00 – Dana T
7:40 -: Karen Meat
8:30 – Dayna Clay Project
9:20 – Six Wives of Richard
10:10 – She/Her/Hers
11:00 – Sypher Lady X
11:50 – Lauryl Sulfate
12:40 – Iron Pizza

*Featuring DJ sets by Jen Dub, Hitachii and Rainbow

Riverwest FemFest 2018 at The Riverwest Public House

9:00 – The Meatcurtains
9:50 – Fox Face
10:40 – Mexican Knives
11:30 – Zed Kenzo
12:20 – Plague Walker
**Featuring DJ sets by Gramma Matrix, Sherrif, LotusMark and BOXXi

Saturday, June 2-3

Riverwest FemFest Maker’s Market at Company Brewing

Riverwest FemFest is back with our 2nd annual Maker’s Market! Both Saturday and Sunday, come enjoy gorgeous weather on Company Brewing’s patio and check out our femme vendors and makers!

The full list of makers is coming soon!

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An ode to the Koss Porta Pro: A classic headphone gets a new change

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I love the Koss Porta Pro. I bought my first pair from the Kmart (R.I.P.) on Highway 100 in Hales Corners back in high school. I keep a pair at work, at home, in my glove compartment (just in case) and I’m always wearing a pair around my neck.

I like them because they look cool, they sound great and they have a lifetime warranty.

If you don’t know about the lifetime warranty, it’s crucial that I tell you. Although Koss is a global brand, they are centrally located right here in Milwaukee. They offer a warranty on all of their headphones. So, if something should happen, you just give them a call. Then, on the next day, you can head to the factory right off the highway to get a new pair. No questions asked. This means that when I paid $40 for a pair of Porta Pros over 10 years ago, it could have been the last time I spent money on head phones ever. They will replace them for life.

Last week, the beloved Porta Pro took a step into the future: they became wireless.

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Black Arts Fest MKE is bringing African culture back to Milwaukee’s ethnic festival lineup

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Black Arts Fest MKE will celebrate and showcase African and African American culture through music, dance, educational activities, art and food.

The effort to reintroduce a festival in Milwaukee for the African and African American community was ignited by a small group of respected African American business professionals and community volunteers. Patrice Harris and Derek Tyus are just two of them.

“There is a wealth of African and African American talent in Milwaukee County and the state, we look
forward to sharing it with the entire community,” says Patrice Harris, Executive Director of the festival.

black arts fest mke

Derek Tyus, the Chairman of the Black Arts Fest MKE Board of Directors says it will be, “a wonderful opportunity to showcase the culture, traditions, values and talents of African Americans. We hope that the festival will inspire all attendees and strengthen pride in our ancestry.”

They say that they’re planting the roots of Black Arts Fest MKE and that they look forward to growing it to its full potential in the years to come.

Headliners, entertainment, programming, vendors and features will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets are available now.

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