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Chicha Mixtape | Sound Travels Dec. 3rd 2017

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La Chicharata “Rosa Mosqueta”

Chicha Libre “La Danza de los Simpsons”

La Mecanica Popular “Montame en la Tormenta”

La Peruanita “Recuerda Corazon”

Juaneco y su Combo “La Cumbia del Pacurro”

Los Mirlos “Sonido Amazonico”

Manzanito y su Conjunto “Agua”

El Super Group “Oasis”

Los Compadres del Ande “La Mecedora”

Los Orientales “El Dragon”

Los Pakines “Venus”

Los Walker’s del Huanco “Todos Vuelven”

Los Ecos “sos… Peligro”

El Comienzo “El Arbol”

Pedro Miguel y los Maracaibos “Pirana”

Compay Quinto “La Rumba del Chinito”

Golden Stars “Tema de los Golden Stars”

Agrupacion Iligal Los Imparcial “Chicha y Amanecer”

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Dang this is good! the forlorn electro of Afro-Cuban band Ariwo

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Ariwo are a quartet that charts strange waters “the unexplored intersection between electronic and Afro-Cuban folkloric music” type waters. With members from Cuba and Iran, their heart pumps a propulsive and raw Cuban rumba underneath a melancholic and bass-heavy electro-Iranian beat– and it’s clubby yet folkloric vibe works. 

The word Ariwo means “Noise” in Yoruba. The name was selected to underline the band’s emphasis on sound and its desire to combine traditional rhythms into a live electronic performance that challenges perceptions of ancestral music, and connects diverse cultures from around the world. 

The band is made up of Iranian electronic composer, Pouya Ehsaei [Entr’acte], and three of London’s most influential Cuban musicians: Oreste Noda [Sambroso Sambroso], Yelfris Valdes [Sierra Maestra] and Latin Grammy winner, Hammadi Valdes [Carlos Acosta / Irakere]. Pouya processes their live instruments while creating soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms that draw influence from the folkloric music of Cuba and his home city of Tehran. [Manana Cuba]  

Whatever you make of it, I think it’s pretty fresh…

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New Fall Sounds on Sound Travels | October 1st, 2017

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South African Funk Mixtape | Sound Travels Sept. 24th

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Maloya Mixtape | Sound Travels June 11th, 2017

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Ethio Jazz II Mixtape | Sound Travels June 4th 2017

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Sound Travels Mixtapin’

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Brazil 2030 Mixtape | Sound Travels March 26th

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Turkish Fuzz Mixtape |March 12th 2017

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Super Afrique Mixtape | Sound Travels Jan. 29th

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