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Africa West ’70 Mixtape | Sound Travels Nov. 27th 2016

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Innernational Jazz Mixtape vol. 2 | Sound Travels Oct. 9th 2016

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Living the Highlife

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Coming Home is the one-stop primer, the keyhole that unlocks Thomas’ broad body of work. From his early days in the Broadway Dance Band, Marijata, the Sweet Beans and other incarnations and evolutions. The “Golden Voice Of Africa,” Coming Home offers listeners a chance to get to know Thomas’ career in one neat, if not totally complete package. Definitely one of the best compilations of 2016 and a must for world music and African music diggers.

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Two Sound Travels Mixes… | September 2016

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…as this weekend I stayed true to my promise and had a mix of 70’s era Brazilian samba soul sounds that finds the funk in more than a few ways. Rare grooves are in abundance on this mix that I’m still grooving on. Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the playlist I made to make the mix so even though the mix stands, I’m not one hundo on what I actually fit into this hour-long exploration. Enjoy!

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Rift Valley Mixtape (Kenyan Benga) | Sound Travels August 7th 2016

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Sound Travels Brazil, an Olympic playlist

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Sound Travels on Spotify!

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Afrorocker Mixtape | Sound Travels July 17th 2016

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Simmer Down Mixtape | Sound Travels July 10th, 2016

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Sound Travels Summer Mixtape Vol. 1

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Unknown – field recording

Snatam Kaur “So Purkh” exerpt

Inti-illimani “La partida (Víctor Jara)”

Dennis Brown “Easy Take It Easy”

Los Rakas “Smokin Love(Remix)

Natty “Seasons Change feat. Alborosie & Busy Signal”

M.Aii “Kalam el Leil”

Debruit “Kaçıyorum featuring Gaye Su Akyol”

Kondi Band “Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingade)”

Marcos Valle “Estrelar”

Gilles Rivard “Je Reviens”

Fred Aucagos “Pangua Zô Pile Moin”

Imarhan “Imarhan”

JULS “Chalewote”

Borchi “Fitzo”

Poirier feat. Front “Pale Mal”

Rolando Bruno “Fiesta Trashera”

Sexy Zebras “Búfalo Blanco”

José Casimiro “Morti Sta Bidjàcu”

Konono N°1 “Nlele Kalusimbiko (Radio Edit)”

Batida “Bazuka (Quem Me Rusgou)”

DJ Jigue y Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente “RIVE”

Bob Marley “Is this Love? (Dubmatix Re-Versioned)”

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