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You Should Know Midnight Reruns

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Midnight Reruns

Midnight Reruns [Graham Hunt third from left] by Gary Sabin

Milwaukee’s Midnight Reruns have perfected power-pop with a slacker grit with plenty of classic rock riffs in the vein of Thin Lizzy. The lyrics read like an anxiety-riddled 20-something’s inner monologue in perfect detail. Singer-guitarist Graham Hunt talked with Radio Milwaukee about playing in bands in high school, having your musical hero produce your record, and the community and identity that music provides.

Midnight Reruns just released its third full-length album “Spectator Sports” today.

Find the digital album HERE. Order the vinyl version from Dusty Medical Records HERE. Order the cassette version from Forged Artifacts HERE.

The basics

Where they’re from: Milwaukee, WI
Song you’ve heard on 88Nine:  “Scorpion,” “Ain’t Gonna Find,” “Canadian Summer”
RIYL: power-pop, The Replacements, slacker rock

5 Questions with Midnight Reruns

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Margaret Glaspy returns to Milwaukee this summer

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Who: Margaret Glaspy
Where: The Back Room @ Colectivo Coffee
When: Monday, July 24 | Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
Song 88Nine is playing: “You and I” and “Emotions and Math”
Tickets and more info: pabsttheater.org/show/margaretglaspy2017

We spoke with Margaret Glaspy back in May 2016 before her opening slot with Milk Carton Kids. Then, she came back to Milwaukee to headline her own show in September 2016. This July, she’s back headlining her second show  at The Back Room at Colectivo!

Below are a few questions we asked Glaspy while she was on the road with Milk Carton Kids:

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You Should Know The Orwells

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Coming to Milwaukee

When: Friday, March 17, 2017 at 8PM
Where: The Rave/Eagles Club, 401 W Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee
Tickets: https://www.therave.com/concert_details.asp?id=6584

The Orwells released “Terrible Human Beings” last month on Atlantic Records, and their reputation is right in line with their title. On their third studio album, the band continue their brand of hook-filled suburban garage rock. Radio Milwaukee caught up with frontman Mario Cuomo and guitarist Matt O’Keefe to talk tour life, Milwaukee and that one incident in Dallas…

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

You Should Know: MKE Edition with The Fatty Acids

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Fatty Acids

Coming to Milwaukee

When: Friday, February 24 8PM
Where: Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery, 224 W. Bruce Street
Tickets: anodynecoffee.com/shop/shop/fattyacids/

Josh Evert and The Fatty Acids return from a four-year break in recording to release “Dogs of Entertainment” this Friday at Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery.

We spoke with Evert recently about growing up with music, liver and onions, Weird Al, and more.

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An interveiw with Japandroids

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Justin Barney: So, the new album is called Near to the Wild Heart of Life. Could you explain the title of it?

Brian King: The title comes from a book by James Joyce, it’s a line in the book, and I actually first heard it from a different that took the title from that line by Clarice Lispector, and then I discovered it came from the James Joyce book and read that book. The influence of those books end with that line, but that was one of those great lines that was really inspiring for me and it really summed up the spirit of the songs.

JB: How would you say you manage to capture that spirit while writing?

BK: I don’t even know if I can answer that question. From the very beginning we’ve always just felt compelled to write about certain things in a certain way. That was not terribly original necessary, because we got that idea from a lot of our favorite bands from the past, but when it came time to make our own music it just felt like the natural thing to do, and the thing that we felt like we could do the best. It never really occurred to us to try and make a really sad record because it just wouldn’t be natural to us. [Our music] is a reflection of our personalities and a reflection of our music taste.

Near to the Wild Heart

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You Should Know Milwaukee Music: Shonn Hinton

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shonn hinton and shotgun

Shonn Hinton and Shotgun by Maegan Eli

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You Should Know KT Tunstall

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kt tunstall

KT Tunstall

Coming to Milwaukee

When: Saturday, January 28, doors @ 6:30PM/ show 7:00PM
Where: Turner Hall Ballroom
Tickets: http://pabsttheater.org/show/pablove2017

You may have heard the music of Scottish singer and guitarist KT Tunstall in one of dozens of movies and TV shows, but her live performance is where she really connects with the audience and finds her true passion. We spoke recently about just that, as well as being labeled the “looping girl,” and how she sets herself apart in a sea of female singer-songwriters to live out her dream as a full-time musician and songwriter.

Read the abbreviated interview or listen to the full audio below:

The basics

Where they’re from: Los Angeles by way of Edinburgh, Scotland
Song you may have heard: “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” “Suddenly I See”
RIYL: alternative rock, Chryssie Hynde, pop-folk

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You Should Know NO/NO (MKE Edition)

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Milwaukee synth band NO/NO had a great year, winning the No. 1 spot in Milwaukee Record’s 25 Best Milwaukee Albums of 2016, releasing a well-received debut full-length album, Sound and Light

Radio Milwaukee had a few questions for singer and musician, Cat Ries from the band.

An abridged version of the interview originally appeared in Milwaukee Magazine. Read the full interview below:

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

You Should Know Ex Reyes

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Ex Reyes

Ex Reyes is the moniker of Brooklyn-by-way-of-NOLA musician Mikey “Freedom” Hart. As a sideman, Hart made some friends and picked up influences. As a frontman, Hart orchestrates a team of adept musicians accurately described in his bio as “future nostalgia.”

You may know Hart’s work in Santigold, Sia, Cranberries, Albert Hammond Jr., Bleachers, Sinkane, Mike D, A$AP Rocky and more.

You Should Know Ex Reyes, his solo project debut, “Do Something” EP released last month.

Read the interview with Radio Milwaukee below:

The basics

Where they’re from: Brooklyn, NY
Their song 88Nine is playing: “Bad Timing”
RIYL: Beach Boys, psych-soul, The Zombies

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You Should Know Split Single

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Jason Narducy aka Split Single by James Richards IV

Jason Narducy aka Split Single by James Richards IV

Coming to Milwaukee

When: Friday, December 2 8PM
Where: Anodyne Coffee Roasters, 224 W. Bruce Street, Milwaukee
Tickets: https://anodynecoffee.com/shop/shop/rxdrugs/

Split Single is the solo project of Jason Narducy, often a sideman in projects like Superchunk, Bob Mould and Telekinesis. Front and center, Narducy is comfortable and his music is well-crafted pop with a driving edge. Radio Milwaukee talked with Narducy recently about his life of music (he was playing Chicago clubs by age 11), finding time to write, a magical Summerfest moment, punk rock, and more.

Read the interview below:

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