88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Electric Gypsy Disco Noise!

by Marcus Doucette

Marcus Doucette

At noon on Sound Travels we ventured into the hour with a new song from a Serbian-Berliner gypsy band called Mr Zarko. Clearly from the Gogol Bordello school of fashion, this gypsy/Balkan band is fronted by a Eugene Hutz-like wild guy Zarko Jovasevich, who makes me wonder if there is some kind of unspoken rule among gypsy-punk bands to dress in the craziest animal print spandex outfits with the flair of a pirate. 

While I can't answer this question, I will say that Mr Zarko pulls it off. Their sound is typical, but uncommonly good. And on their debut, Electric Gypsy Disco Noise, you'll find a band that pulls off a sound that normally is far better live, on record. There's a lot to like here, but few songs are better than "Ruza," which aired at noon. If you're a fan of gypsy-punk, don't sleep on Electric Gypsy Disco Noise which is slated for a September 14th release.