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Keep up with the best new releases in global music with the new streaming spot

I get that there’s plenty of love for the global music curated on Sound Travels– enough that¬†I thought another outlet to connect with it on your own had become necessary.¬†Starting this month, I’ll begin tending a few Sound Travels playlists on Spotify to give you more outlets for music that can be hard to find, let alone remember. Alternately, you can just subscribe to the playlists, put them on random and enjoy the themes and music. Search: soundtravels88nine.

That said, the first playlist is up and it’s a strait forward playlist of what I would call Sound Travels ‘currents.’ These are songs from what I consider important (or just really good) new releases that I have found and play regularly on 88Nine’s airwaves during my midday show. Rest assured, in the future there will be other playlists that will keep your musical discovery on point, but I had to start somewhere.