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Lead2Change partners with 88nine

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As 2013 draws to a close, 88nine is already planning our stories for the beginning of 2014.

RadioMilwaukee is a community focused, listener-supported radio station.  That's why we involve representatives from local non-profits in many aspects of our programming, especially our Community Stories.

You may not know -- mostly because we've never mentioned it on the air -- but we rely on suggestions from local groups to build our community stories. An important part of that is our Youth Advisory Council.

88nine works to give young people a voice by partnering with local youth-serving organizations, asking them for story suggestions.  As a group, they brainstorm to generate a list of potential stories, all focused on youth making a difference in the community.  Then, RadioMilwaukee producers meet with the youth to vet each story idea and assemble a pared down list of ideas to cover.

The process is a chance for the young people to get a sense of how large market media coverage works and practice their critical thinking and research skills.  But even more importantly, they also get to make a difference in our programming, hearing some of their suggestions on the air.  

By listening to our youth-serving organizations, 88nine also fulfills and important part of its mission -- giving young people a voice in our diverse city.

Right now, our Youth Advisory Council is made up of high school students from the non-profit organization Lead2Change, under the leadership of Nikotris Perkins.  Lead2Change works with young people, inspiring them to become catalysts for change in their communities.

The organization enacts its mission through three main prongs of programming: neighborhood engagement, philanthropy, and college and career readiness.  

This year, Lead2Change will touch the lives of more than 80 young people from Milwaukee.

Click the podcast player above to listen in on our latest meeting with the youth and learn more about the process.  And keep listening to Community Stories in 2014 to hear some their suggestions come to life.